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Liam made orange marmalade as holiday gifts with fresh ginger and Wylie Howell whiskey (made in Petaluma!):

I hear that it's very good but I have a minor allergy to citrus so when I tried it, my tongue went numb. Seriously though, everyone else loved it! My job was to make the labels. It's not easy to draw a pirate orange.

Recipe as dictated by Liam:

Take a bunch of oranges. Maybe 10 or something. Chop them up as course or fine as you like. If you want to be more traditional use seville oranges and get rid of most of the flesh. I just take any old orange and throw it in flesh and all. Put them in a big pan with 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Add in 8 cups of brown sugar. Something like that. If it seems thin, add more sugar. Also add a couple of cinnamon sticks and a bunch of cloves (maybe 20 or 30). Dice a large chunk of ginger the size of a baby's foot and throw that in too. Throw in other spicy things that you like. Keep boiling for about an hour or so making sure that the mixture doesn't burn on the bottom. Put a plate in the freezer. To test for thickness, put some of the marrrmalade on the plate, hold it at 45 degrees and run your finger through it. The marrrmalade is thick enough when the finger mark stays because the liquid no longer flows. *Last thing* - add about a cup of strong flavored whisky. We used Wylie Howell's moonshine! A smoky whisky like Laphroaig or Talisker would be great. The whisky defines the flavor a lot so none of your Canadian Club in a plastic bottle. Save that for your interpretive hobo theater. If you add too much whisky, the marrrrmalade will become a bit runny. On the other hand, it will taste more Whiskyey. If this happens, you should call it marrrrrmalaaaade and put a warning on the label. Put it into some jars and do that canning thing where you sumberge the jars in boiling water for a bit. Add a pirate orange label. There is no incorrect way to make marrrmalade, you can add other spices. You can add lemons (but it gets lemony fast!) or grapefruit. Adjust the number of 'r's and 'a's in the name to convey the character of your marrrrmalaaade. Also, the expression on your pirate orange's face. Eat it on a crumpet or english muffin, or use it as a base for cocktails. If you are in a press-gang, put a penny in the bottom of the jar and then when your friend sees the coin tell them they have been conscripted into your crew.

- Debbi